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Wholesale Packaged Bait

Check out our large selection of wholesale packaged bait for you to resell to your customers. If you are not a reseller registered with our company than you will have to fill out the form and verify that you are a business to see our wholesale prices.

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Wholesale Cricket container/tubes

We have just added a selection of cricket tubes that you can resell to you customers. Check out our selection at You will have to sign up and verify you are a business customer to see our wholesale prices.

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Baitstick and Worm/nightcrawler dye

You can see these and more at

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Worm/night crawler Dye


Item# K200/K1600 Price: $

New Item!
Live Kryptonite crawlers and worms, with fish flavor!
Want to give that worm a more visible look and get more strikes?
Live bait catches more fish than any and all artificial lures, fly’s or anything man has concocted to fool a living animal that it is food. Don’t get me wrong. I have and will continue to invest thousands of dollars into such items. I have tons of lures of almost every type , but I also use live bait. If you are going to use live worms and crawlers, they will have more eye catching visibility with Baitdye. The dye has a real fish flavor that Walleye, Bass, Trout, Panfish and other game fish can't resist. It is specially formulated for live bait. Food coloring and other dyes have a petroleum base that kills the bait, has very pale color and fish don't like the taste. Baitdye is environmentally safe simply pour Baitdye on to dye as many crawlers as you want. A 1 once bottle will dye one hundred crawlers. Earth worms and night crawlers have super sensitive skin. The skin is the largest organ on all worms and animals. Baitdye soaks into the skin for a harmless color contrast that has no effect on them, except now they are chartreuse! Yes I am serious about this stuff. All ingredients in Baitdye is made from human consumption approved food spices and coloring. There is no lead in Baitdye, and as a matter of fact if you use any off the shelf food coloring, drop in a night crawler it will shrivel up and die. There is nothing in Baitdye that is not approved for human consumption. We have gone a step further as regular USDA approved food coloring and spices is not safe enough for bait.
How to dye crawlers and worms
1) 1 ounce of Baitdye will dye 100 night crawlers
2) This cup contains 2 dozen crawlers with dirt removed
3) Pour in 1/4 ounce of Baitdye or 1/4 of the 1 oz bottle of dye

4) The worms will crawl around in the dye soaking it in

5) Cover and refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight for deep color

6) Pour off dye, and mix in the dirt, now get ready for some real fishing! These KRYPTONITE crawlers will increase your catch!

The set up below is for dyeing large quantities of worms.

1) For dyeing large quantities of worms, it is fast and so easy. Each slat contains 500 crawlers. Remove as much lose dirt as you can.

2) Pour 4 - 5 oz of Baitdye into 500 crawlers with plastic gloves mix bait and dye

3) Worms are then put in the cooler for several hours allowing dye to soak in. Some growers let them sit in dye over night. Pour off excess dye , and cover worms with dirt.


$28.00 FOR K1600



Item# BS100 Price: $

New Item!
Don't kill the bait with your hook!
Try Baitstick one time and you are stuck on it forever!

1. Remove top to expose the Baitstick material. Stick Point of hook into the glue and pull away wrapping glue around your hook at the same time.
2. Pull away wrapping hook until material thins and separates.

3. Next just touch the Baitstick hook to the insect or bait.
To remove: Clean Baitstick and bait off hook with a paper towel.

Clear Baitstick gives the bait its natural look. Try all types of bait and insects to chose what works best in different water areas, and at different times of the year. This technique allows live bait to be attached to a fishing hook with a super stick thick taffy like glue. Baitstick is non toxic environmentally safe, and will not harm you the insect or our waters. The glue will stay sticky even after it becomes wet. Cast after cast, pulled through weeds and Lilly pads the bait will stay stuck on the hook. Insects stay alive kicking squirming and fluttering trying to get free. This frantic movement by the insect attracts fish to this natural food source. Now the angler can fish with almost anything.


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Wholesale Live Bait and Tackle

We just recieved Uncle Josh merchandise and we will be adding this over the next serveral days. If you are not able to see our wholesale prices and you are a reseller then you need to fill out this form and then prove to us that you are a business. If you are a business owner or business manager then fill out the wholesale member form. By filling out this form you will get a username and password. But, after filling out the form doesn't automatically get you the wholesale prices. We will need proof then we will activate your wholesale account. We add new products daily and run weekly specials.

We are also a butterworm importer!

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Indiana Wholesale Bait Company

Wholesale Packaged Green Canadian Nightcrawlers

Wholesale Packaged Green Canadian Nightcrawlers

50 cases of 12 count cups with 32 cups per case is $2,068.50 / $1.2928125 a cup

You will need to be a business owner and fill out our wholesale form then be able to prove you have a business. Then we will activate your account.

50 cases is the min. order amount for this price!

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Bulk Butterworms or Tebo Worms

We are a USDA importer of the Butterworms from Chile. If you are interested in purchasing bulk supplies of the butterworms then check us out at Then you will need to sign up for a wholesale account. Once your wholesale account has been manually activated by one of our staff then you will be able to see our wholesale prices.

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